Our Studio Offerings

We work with property owners, developers, and design trade professionals across the globe looking to integrate contemporary nature-inspired art and Biophilic decorative objects into their homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

  • Limited Edition Moss Murals (Catalog Pieces)

  • Commissioned Moss Murals (One-of-a-kind Original Artwork)

  • Moss Walls, Ceilings & Custom Installations (Made-to-Measure and Custom)

  • Limited Edition Framed Moss Art (Catalog Pieces)

  • Objets D’art (One-of-a-kind Original Artwork)

  • Mushroom Art Installations (One-of-a-kind Original Artwork)

  • Moss Designs - Wall-Mounted, Ceiling, and Floor Pieces (Catalog Pieces)

  • Comprehensive Biophilic Design Service