Nature is our Medium of Art & Design



We use a variety of live plants in our artwork including cacti, succulents, airplants, orchids, bromeliads among others. Plants are carefully curated based on their aesthetics, energetic characteristics, texture, size, lifespan, and other attributes. Our live plant art requires watering, light, love and periodic maintenance.


We utilize moss, lichen, mushrooms, ferns and other plants that are preserved through a special treatment with non-toxic ingredients that maintain their color, texture and freshness for many years. We source our preserved plants from mostly US-based growers that use sustainable harvesting practices. Our preserved plant art do not require any watering or sunlight. They can be installed indoors or in a covered area away from direct sunlight and exposure to rain.


Ceramic, porcelain, wood, stone and other natural materials make up our planters, sculptures, vases and other pieces. For our murals and art pieces, we utilize only FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood as backing and framing. We strive to continuously improve the sustainability of the materials we use to minimize the environmental impact.


We love to utilize used objects including toys, furniture, electronics in the creation of some of our art pieces. We believe that giving old, non-recyclable objects a new life will help keep junk out of landfills, reduce mass consumption, and promote environmental awareness.